An experience worth all the time!

If you are looking for something to fill your time and not be downright boring, then look for action, adventure and fun in one! What could it be? There are more than enough options. Of course, it depends on the location where you want to experience this and enjoy it to the fullest. Experience the adrenaline rush with your whole family or friends, or just by yourself, and learn something new at the shooting range. You can find a shooting range in Prague. Or the shooting range I`m talking about can be found in Prague, but shooting ranges are spread all over the Czech Republic.

armádní četa

If you decide on this new adventure, don`t forget your documents to prove your age. Since only a person over the age of eighteen can apply for this experience, proof of their age is based on the presentation of their personal document such as an ID card, passport or even a driver`s license. In the worst case, you can also take a birth certificate.

If you are interested in this „attraction“ at a younger age, ask the staff if there is a footnote so that you can try this at a younger age than eighteen. You can call, write an e-mail or ask in person, of course.

muži a zbraně

Although I`m only talking about the shooting range here, you have a lot of options if the shooting range doesn`t seem too attractive to you. You can follow the traces of history, on various historical tours, castles or castles or take a look at nature, the zoo, climb rocks, try a balloon flight, try a parachute jump or fly a sightseeing plane or an adrenaline experience such as jumping from a bridge tethered and in full safety and other things. Words cannot even express how many possibilities you have for a great experience.

Either way, choose all or just some. Try the different things that the world has to offer and experience more adventures than you had planned. Because we only live once!